Comment on How to Become a Hollywood Movie Director by James Wilson.

How to Become a Hollywood Movie DirectorFirst of all as far as directing , I won’t go into the technicalities of being a movie director. I am definitely a character who can be an asset to your industry.Movies however need less monotony and cliche. Most people I run into tell me that I am geared for acting because of my body build, look, and personality. I believe I can create this mystique as a unknown actor called “x”. I would be able to star in action based movies. I would always wear a hat and glasses while filming(Or somethig to obscure my identity). I would give you a combination confidence, swagger, macho sex appeal(for female audience), as clever/witty comments such like James Bond. The public will by dying to know more about me. Who is actor X? What is his real name? What does he look like? Movies will sale like crazy. No one will know who I really am.The press will eat it up. They will wonder who is this well built mysterious actor with the swagger ? I would be a real life superhero. Nobody in the public will ever no my identity. Sort of how nobody knows who Batman really is. If we ever get a chance to meet I promise you can cash out off of this idea. It will be a full time job concealing my identity off stage. If my face half visible on screen then in public I would blend in offstage. Nobody will know its me.