Comment on How to Become a Hollywood Movie Director by AMINOOR RAHMAN SHAH.

How to Become a Hollywood Movie DirectorHey my name is aminoor, i want to be a movie maker in hollywood. That’s the only thing i want to do my whole life. Movies to me isn’t just about entertaining bussiness’ it is about freedom. In movies we can make things happen that are impossible in the real world and that is complete freedom. Since my childhood I have always thought about ideas for good hollywood movies. I am from the most eastern part of India very close to the drug circle of the world which is also considered the most dangerous part of the world. I have seen people dying of gun shots and bombs, I know exactly how people react to grimm situations when kidnapped or caught in cross fires, I have seen bomb blastes gun battles between terrorists and armed forces, I have seen how drug dealers work, how innocent people dies caught in these messes. I am planning to use all of these experience in a movie that I may direct if I am given a chance. If it’s possible I wnt help from anyone who can help me become a movie director. From childhood I have always had ideas about making movies better than the ones already made after watching hollywood movies. My movies will be realistic both in visual effects and the emotional acts on the reel. But I need someone to guide me so if anyone is listening, I can make a difference in movie making industry. And I don’t want to loose any of my ideas that I have and my faith in god.