An indoor herb garden is a fanciful thing to have. You can imagine yourself like being in a Martha Stewart show where the herbs are readily available, and we only need to get the ones we need for a certain dish. It takes some commitment to grow a garden of herbs since some herbs are more adaptable to cool weather and others fit in to warm weather. Here is a list of herbs that you should have in your indoor kitchen garden:

Chives are perennials and that means they can grow all year round. When to row this herb depends on your need but for some gardeners, March is a good time to start planting the seeds. You can plant it inside the garden or do the conventional transplanting if you prefer. Chives is a fantastic herb especially when it grows blooms in the late spring. It can be used in many dishes so it is great to have this herb in your garden.

Thyme is another perennial plant and requires as much sun as possible so make sure that you place this in well illuminated section of the kitchen. It develops nice blooms that you can cut and propagate but it also grows pretty easily from seeds. When to grow herbs like these? Start from February and wait for it to develop until ready for transplantation. Thyme is a perfect herb since it not only offers incredible flavors but it can also ward off flu and colds when mixed with tea.

Sage is not that good during winter and that is why it is best to stock up on sage early on for the indoor garden. Make sure that it receives illumination so that it won’t wither and die. It can be used to ward off colds and itchy throat. It is a nice herb for poultry and other meat dishes. It is a very versatile herb like Thyme.

Rosemary is another perennial that is very easy to propagate from the mother plant. When to grow herbs like these? You can start late spring and in the entire summer the following year, you have tons of rosemary to cook your fragrant dishes.