Dance is a beautiful form of art and it developed a lot during the recent past. Though it is a good hobby it has become a profession that has the potential to be a high income earner. There are many forms of dance. Due to the existence of such a lot of varieties it is extremely difficult for you to select one. The following is a list of dance from which you could choose your favorite one.


Ballet is a beautiful form of dance on which many other types of dance are based on. Originated in France and Russia, ballet dancers are able to tell stories with their dance. There are many ballet dancing schools the world over where they teach different kinds of ballet dancing such as classical ballet, neoclassical ballet and contemporary ballet.


Originated from African American culture, Jazz dance depends mostly on improvising different styles of dancing picked up from other styles and incorporating them into jazz dancing. Jazz dancers use bold body movements to produce their dancing styles.


Tap dancers use their feet to produce various rhythms with their dance. Their shoes are fitted with metal plates in order to help them produce the tapping sounds. It is one of the popular types of dance in the US.

Hip Hop

This really is a street dance that is performed according to hip hop music. The dancers wear colorful attire and perform various moves including popping, locking, krumping and breaking. Hip hop dancing is mostly about improvisation and personal interpretation.


Created as a rebellion to classical ballet dancing which has a lot of strict rules, modern dancing depends on the dancer’s feelings and the steps are created accordingly. It is quite usual for these dancers to be on bare feet. In modern dance, the choreography, the costumes and lighting effects are used to express the emotions they want to convey.


Originated in 1920s and 1930s swing dance is all about swinging according to music. In this type of dance, you could see couples spin, swing and jump in unison. There are quite a few types of swing dancing that are very popular. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Boogie Woogie are just two of the popular dancing styles.

Contra dance

Contra dance is a folk dance of American origin in which couples take part. The couples need to be in two lines each couple facing each other. This is a relaxed form of dance that provides good exercise. The sequences of dance movements are so made that the partners will change often in this social kind of dancing.

Country and Western

This is dance performed on country music. This dance is performed in country taverns and country western clubs. If you visit one of them, you could see dancers in cowboy attire dancing in the middle with broad smiles. Here the male takes the lead and the female partner follows.

Belly Dance

This is one of the types of dance of which origin is not known. The belly dancing is usually performed in night clubs. The basic movements are the circular movement of the hip and the shimmy of shoulders. The dancers need highly flexible bodies to perform these dances.


This is a Spanish dance that involves intricate foot movements combined with similar hand movements.

Latin dance

This is a dance that involves sexy hip movements. However, this hip movement is not intentional.