ECR does not spend much time commenting on bishops. My general sense is that a few are zealous, but the general lot of them are (at best) lukewarm bureaucrats whom the faithful should charitably ignore most of the time. Nevertheless there are times when ignoring bad bishops does more harm than good, as in the case of Bishop Lynch of St. Petersburg. CWN’s Off The Record, quoting Mary Ann Kreitzer of the Catholic Media Coalition, informs us of the Bishop’s continuing reprehensible conduct

“Bishop Lynch of St. Petersburg is publicly seeking Terri’s death. In a homily recently, for which he received a standing ovation, he publicly said her parents should let her go to God. But Terri isn’t dying so the only way she can go to God is by deliberate dehydration and starvation. Bishop Lynch has not allowed his priests to speak out in favor of Terri’s right to be fed, but he has priests now releasing statements calling her parents selfish for daring to defend her and saying they should let her go to heaven. (Like those who were murdered in the starvation bunker at Auschwitz with St. Maximilian Kolbe?)”

Incredible, isn’t it? Here’s one case, at least, where the wicked deeds of another false shepherd should be shouted from the rooftops.