How disappointing. To appease his anti-Catholic critics, it appears that Mel Gibson has decided to depart from the Gospels where the Jews are shown in a less than favorable light :

“Paul Lauer, marketing director for Gibson’s Icon Productions company, said Gibson has edited the film to show more ‘sympathetic’ Jewish characters who were not calling for Jesus to be crucified. ‘We believe we have softened the story compared to the way the Gospel has told it,’ Lauer said in an interview. He pointed to Matthew 27:25, in which the Jewish mob calls for Jesus’ blood ‘to be on us and on our children.’ ‘That’s in the Gospel,’ he said. ‘It’s not in our film.'”

Bill Cork, who has made it his personal campaign to discredit the film, seems pleased with the developments All the talk about wanting

    The Passion

to be “faithful to the Gospel accounts” was nonsense of course. What Bill Cork, the ADL, and modernist Catholic scholars really wanted was a departure from the Gospel accounts because they believe the Gospels to be inherently antisemitic. That real Catholics should be intimidated by this nonsense is — if I may use such language — a disgrace.