Selecting the perfect fine jewelry is not just about finding the most alluring designs. Nowadays, costume jewelry can also compare with fine jewelry when it comes to design and elaborate appeal. It is very important to focus on the materials that were used to create the fine jewelry pieces since these are what make jewelry, impeccable and precious.


Gold is a classic material used for jewelry for thousands of years. Gold comes in a number of qualities. Yellow gold has a warm tone and is a normally considered as the quintessential gold piece. White gold is an alloy of gold and palladium, nickle or manganese. It also needs rhodium plating to even out the off white discolorations and improve brilliance. Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. There are numerous other colors to choose from but for some, pure gold is the best option which is 24 karats. However, it is also possible to find fine jewelry that is 18 karats.


For fine jewelry, diamonds are your ultimate options. They are the most expensive materials for fine jewelry and specialists spend a lot of time in finding the perfect diamond for rings to other jewelry pieces. When looking for fine diamond jewelry, it is necessary to look at its qualities and that pertains to the cut, carat, clarity and color. The cut enhances the brilliance or the fire of the diamond. A perfectly cut diamond can look impeccably brilliant when illuminated. The carat is the size of the diamond. The clarity is the presence or absence of any specks and inclusions. It is rare to find a perfectly flawless diamond but your next best options are from internally flawless to VVS2.


These are lovely, colorful minerals with incredible diversity of hardness, opacity, texture and price. They add a unique appeal to the jewelry and they are also priced differently from diamonds. Pieces such as emeralds, garnet, sapphire, pearls and ruby have been used to create enigmatic and impeccably decorative pieces.


Fine jewelry is an art form. It is a difficult process transforming a flat design to a finished product to adorn the lucky individual. It is very important to really look at how the pieces are made and take time to appreciate every curve and fine details that are present on the pieces to really appreciate what fine jewelry is all about.