It is now possible to enjoy your favorite television shows and movies on the computer if you have a high- speed internet connection. You can do this for free or by paying a small fee. However, to do so you may have to sit in your office where your desktop is, which may not lead to a too- great experience. Why not learn how to connect PC to TV HDMI and enjoy whatever shows or movies you want to on your big screen TV with all your friends and family for company? Sounds like a good idea? Here are instructions to help you do that.


  1. First of all, you have to turn off your computer. Then you have to turn it around and look at the rear of the computer. Can you see the cable that is coming out of your computer’s monitor? Now take it in your hands and follow it as it connects to your PC. The video card’s output is the place where the cable will have to be plugged in and it is either going to be a DVI port of 29- pin or a VGA port of 15- pin. In case you are lucky, you will see another port beside the first one, either a VGA or a DVI one. If you have a new computer, you may find a normal HDMI port on your card.
  2. The connection for the video port has to be chosen now. In case you already have a HDMI port, connecting a HDMI cord with it that is the particular length between your television set and your computer will do fine. If not, make some decisions. If the video output of your PC is just single and cannot be used with your television, you just have to buy a video card. Getting one which has a HDMI or DVI output is a good idea. Then installation of it needs to be done in the available slot. Follow the instructions that have been provided. If you think that using VGA output for driving the HDMI can be done on a single or dual output card, then you can go for it as well. But you will need a specialized device for this as well for conversion of the format. But remember that what you are going to pay for a converter is almost the same as what a regular video card costs. What’s more, you will be able to use the video card more easily. If you still decide to go with it, upgrading the card so that obtaining a HDMI or DVI output works is a good idea.
  3. Now it is time for you to connect the cable (HDMI) from the television to the computer. Also, the right converter or adapter has to be installed for the computer, in case it is necessary. Also, if your computer is not equipped with HDMI output, there will be the need of cords for connecting the HDMI adapter or video cable to your sound card output.
  4. Now, boot your computer. Then choose ‘Control panel’ after clicking on ‘Start’ menu. Go to ‘Display’ and then click ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘Advanced’ tab for setting refresh rate. Learning how to connect PC to TV HDMI will also have you follow the instructions laid down by the video card. Now choose either ‘Mirror’ or ‘Clone’ mode and each monitor will operate independently.
  5. Now reboot the computer again and you are ready to enjoy watching movies on your big screen with the whole family with you.