Learning how to cook a steak is a big challenge for both novices and experts. We all know the conventional method of using a grill to create that nice charred marking on the surface. However, cooking on open fire is a very big risk for starters. Open fire is hard to control and the results of cooking the steak could lead to tough, rubbery and dry steak instead of moist and wonderfully tender one. A perfect way to address this is to cook steak in a frying pan, particularly a thick frying pan in order to control the heat. The benefits of pan frying the steak is that you get even, excellent browning and the oil and flavors are not wasted. You can use the drips to create a perfect sauce.

  1. In this simple recipe on how to cook a steak in a frying pan, you will need a steak of your choice, around 3/4 to 1 inch thick. You will also need a considerably wide frying or saucepan to place the streak. First, get olive oil and pour a considerable amount into the pan. With the help of a paper towel, coat the entire pan with the oil. Afterwards, you can heat up the pan until it reaches medium to high temperature.

  3. To test the pan, get a piece of fat and drop it on the surface. If it sizzles right away, then it is time to get ready with the frying process. A 1 to 1/2 thick steak can be cooked for 6 minutes on each side to get a medium rare quality. The steak should be seasoned as you wish but the best kind of steak does not really require that much of seasoning. Just good old salt and pepper can add flavor to the steak.

  5. The surface and sides of the steak should be browned. To check if the steak is done, use the thermometer. You can use the fork to test for tenderness and fingers as well. Cut a portion to see if the interior is well cooked. Plate the dish, set the sauces and add some nice veggies on the side and voila! You learned how to cook a steak using a pan!