A lot of people wonder what smart casual dressing really is. Is it casual? Is it smart? Is it both? This article will help you understand what is casual dressing. Smart casual dressing connotes a kind of dressing that is professional yet relaxed. It is the preferred choice for most offices, churches, school functions and ‘Friday wear’. It makes the wearer look nice and professional, while at the same time stops him or her from being uncomfortably formal.

  • Smart casuals for men: Men usually do well by wearing clean ironed shirts with collars when asked to dress smart casually. A jacket is great if the weather is cool. It specifically implies that he wears no tie. For bottoms, men can go with nicely pressed chinos or khakis. Colors can be played with as long as it isn’t red or hot pink! Formal jeans (not the frayed or low- waist variety) too work well. Dress shoes in formal colors such as brown, tan, black or grey are effective. Tennis shoes are however a strict no- no.
  • Smart casuals for women: Women have more options and flexibility when it comes to dress up in business casuals. In tops, she can go with a shirt, a blouse, a nice sleeveless top worn with a casual jacket or cardigan or a pretty sweater. Knit tops which are not too frilly are also a good enough option. When it comes to choosing bottoms, dress pants, khakis, pant suits or knee- length skirts are all good. Dark formal jeans are a comfortable option. In shoes, a pair of dress flats or chic boots with heels is a wonderful idea.

Things to remember:

  • While dressing in smart casuals, one should remember that he or she should not only look neat and professional, but be comfortable enough to stay in those clothes the whole day.