Do you smell the aroma of the fine roasted veal, or maybe the refreshing aroma of a summer salad? You must be craving for the smooth and nutty texture of fine Osetra caviar on top of an omelet…wait, that set could cost you hundreds of dollars already. However, fine dining does not have to be for the privileged only. If you know how to strike that balance between good taste and good cost, you will definitely not feel intimidated when you enter the restaurant that you have long fantasized eating at.

Lunch is a bunch

If you can reserve a day without worrying about going to work after lunch, then it is worth the experience. Though most lunches are served a la carte, meaning you choose what you eat compared to most dinners that are served with very limited or no choice at all. Lunch service is not as elaborate as dinner but you can save a lot more it is nice to enjoy a nice lunch with a friend or maybe the missus if you are feeling a bit romantic and domesticated.

Sharing is the best policy

Now, we don’t recommend sharing everything because that is not really a classy gesture. However, it is romantic (or practical) to share dessert. Also, you can cut down on your calories since you shared it with someone. You might also want to try sharing the appetizers, a nice and stylish way to cut down on the cost of spending extra $20 to $30 on finger foods.

Sorry, I’m driving

I remember this scene from Mr. Bean where he was spending his birthday at a fancy restaurant. He had his steak tartare but the most memorable event was when he stopped the waiter from giving him a second glass of red wine, because he is driving. What a laugh. But yes, it is another way to cut down on the cost. Really, do you need a bottle of some expensive liquid? It might be an epitome of class for some but it is not necessary. Why not spend those hundred dollars on a nice dessert which you can share with your partner? Have a glass of water or maybe a flavored drink (non-alcoholic). Also, you won’t be able to enjoy the whole experience fully if you are not sober.