Being interested in anything is going to make you an interesting personality. Having a good hobby will provide you opportunity to learn about your hobby and you will be able to talk to others authoritatively on the subject to a certain extent. You could develop relationships with others who have the same hobby. On top of all, you will be able to shed boredom and focus your mind on something interesting.

Give thought

In order to find what you are interested in, just sit and give a thought to figure out what you missed most. May be you have thought of doing a certain thing but didn’t have time and money to do it. It is good to think how to find the money and time and start on your hobby.

Try finding a Hobby

When you think of a hobby, you have some interesting things to start with. Collecting something is a good hobby to start with. It may be stamps, fountain pens, Vehicle parts or anything of the sort. Once you start with it, you will get addicted and go on with it.

Art is a good hobby. If you go to the museum and look at those historic arts on the walls you will get inspired to start arts as your hobby. You could try painting in oil or water colors. Charcoal and pencil also could be good options. Learning arts is a long process. You need to compare your drawings with those of others and even your own old ones. Therefore, you must date all your drawings.

Writing also could be a good hobby. You could write articles to books and magazines. Also you could start writing your own novel. When it comes to writing, your scope is endless. Only you need to have good ideas to put on paper. You could end up a good novelist or a writer.

Trying your hand in your favorite sport is also a good idea in order to find what you are interested in. In certain games people with born talents do better than some of those who practice regularly. Who knows, maybe you are born to play a certain sport. If you discover the real talent in you, may be you have found what you are interested in.

If electronics fascinates you, that has the potential to become your hobby. When you go on trying to discover what you are interested in, one day you will succeed.  That could be what you were looking for.