With problems concerning bed bugs resistance to various insecticides, such as those containing pyrethrin, it is essential to find other alternatives to kill these pests. While a better chemical compound is yet to be seen that could kill the bed bugs, it is necessary to take advantage of other methods of controlling and ensuring a more secure home without bed bug risks.

Freezing method

This method requires below zero temperatures specifically below 55* F. This method is ideal to prevent these pests from producing eggs. Anywhere below 55 degrees Fahrenheit will do the trick. In some cases, items like clothes or fabrics are placed on refrigerators or freezers to kill the pests.

Heating method

Another extreme method to eliminate the pests is to use heat. Steam cleaners are extremely advantageous. Increase the heat of the thermostat and use the steam cleaner to go around the mattress, the corners of the carpets and the other areas of the room. This will ensure that while the direct heat of the steam is killing the bed bugs, the temperature of the room is hot enough to stop the pests from producing eggs and to disable them while cleaning up. If you want to kill the pests a lot faster, set the heat to 118*F and this will cause the pests to die in a matter of 20 minutes. Of course, it requires specialized equipment so have an expert do this for you.

Non-chemical management

First, you need to remove any clutter on your floor and under, inside and on top of cabinets, mattresses and dressers. All clothes should hang or be elevated to prevent the pests from reaching these items. All items that you have picked from the floor should be bagged using dissolvable laundry bags or sealed bags to prevent infestation.