Dark circles are caused by many factors. These include allergies, excessive rubbing, aging, hereditary factors, excessive sun exposure, loss of collagen and fat, and numerous lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and emotional stress. Dark circles are both external and internal problems. All external elements can cause darkening while bad circulation in the skin especially as a person ages or the blood vessels are damaged, can contribute greatly to dark circles.

Laser skin resurfacing is an expensive procedure that uses lasers to stimulate the various layers of the skin in order to recover and revive the skin, giving the area some new vitality. However, this procedure does not promise perfect reversal of dark skin to original. You have to level your expectations about lasers and other surgical procedures to eliminate the dark circles.

Speaking of resurfacing methods, one of the most popular and considerably less expensive methods to remove these dark circles is through microdermabration. It uses fine crystal and a wand that stimulates the skin and removes any dead skin cells to eliminate the surface and give new life to the skin. It is less expensive than laser but you need at least 6 sessions to see the results.

On top of the microdermabration, you might also be given prescription topical products like bleaching creams, soaps and toners to ensure that the skin continues to repair and stimulate new skin growth till the next procedure. Topical medications have higher potency compared to basic common OTC products.

Products containing vitamin K, most of the time with retinol, can help lighten up the skin and make the eyes look brighter. This is because vitamin K is a very potent vitamin that prevents blood clotting. When used topically under the eyes, if you have any circulatory issues, this vitamin can help those who have dark circles due to bruising.

Some people do not exactly have dark circles but if they have prominently hollowed under eye areas, the shadows can create the illusion of dark circles.