If you ask ten people what they would they like if they are able to change with their appearance, nine will tell that they would like to be a bit taller. Even if you are past your teens, there are natural methods with which you could gain a few inches in height.

  • In the first place, you need good food that triggers growth no matter whether it is gaining height or putting on weight. What you need to do is to take stock of what you eat. If the food you eat is not helping the increase of growth hormones, you need to add them into your diet. It is mostly proteins you need to add. Taking a chicken salad sandwich two hours before your exercise sessions could bring good results.
  • It so happens that everyone is compelled to take growth control drugs and antibiotics which also are intended to control growth. You must take these at the bare minimum levels only when you cannot avoid.
  • Stretching exercises will help you grow tall. Hanging vertically for just 10 minutes a day could allow your vertebral discs time to expand and thereby help you grow taller. Also it is a good remedy for back aches and other pains related to the spine.
  • Having a relaxed mind is also vital for you to grow tall. The best way to relax your mind is to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Calcium is an essential ingredient of your skeleton.  You need good bone growth in order to grow tall. Therefore make it a point to have sufficient calcium in your diet. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium.
  • When you take the proper diet, it is not able to make your bones grow larger or longer but it will reduce your weight. This will straighten your skeleton making you taller.
  • Increase in height is not impossible even if you have passed your teens many years ago. What you need in order to grow tall is the dedication to your exercise routines with the right management of your food habits.
  • So, the most important factor on gaining height is the food. Adding proteins and calcium into your food will do the trick. The methodology to adapt is to change to a certain food and check your height at the beginning. If you find that the particular food works after some time with the measuring of height again, stick to that food, otherwise, change.