Lace making is an ancient craft and not everybody has the skill, patience, and time for it. Let us say that it is a dying art. There are many types of lace making techniques like needle lace, bobbin, knotted, crocheted, Guipure, knitted and cutwork. The art is also different in different countries. Nowadays, there has been an increasing interest for lace materials and that is why we are seeing more and more lace dresses apart from the more traditional lace wedding dresses. Aside from the classic white and black lace, we are seeing these materials being dipped in colors to create a more modern look.


  • Needle lace is created with the help of thread and needle. It is considered as the most versatile of any lace making techniques. It could be done either quickly or incredibly long depending on the complexity of the design. Antique lace with very fine thread is highly priced and is difficult or impossible to manufacture today.
  • Cutwork is a unique method of lacemaking were the lace is constructed through the process of removing the threads from a background pattern. The remaining threads are then wrapped or are decorated with embroidery.
  • Bobbin lace uses pillows and bobbins. The most popular lace from this method is chantilly lace. It uses numerous bobbins, a pillow with pattern and tons of pins. It is laborious but according to some creators, it only takes focus but once you have control of your hands, you can create a lovely lace design that looks really interesting and unique. Chantilly lace is normally used for lingerie.
  • Guipure is a a type of lace making technique where the stitching section is run with embroidery threads and this creates a continuous motif. After that, the embroidery stitches are taken off and the embroidery is left behind. The material where the embroidery is created can be dissolved on water to reveal the design.


With the numerous style and design of lace, you have tons of options awaiting if you want to really explore and enjoy the wonderful art of lace making.