What do you do if you have just come home with a shirt that is a size or two too big and the exchange period has gone away? Go to your local tailor to have it altered to your size, right? You don’t really need to do that if you know how to shrink a shirt. Yes, there is a proper way to actually make it work for your benefit. Follow the tips below:

  • Hope its not a ‘pre- shrunk’ shirt we are talking about here because you will have nothing to do then, but if it is not, you can actually shrink it.
  • Check to see what the highest temperature allowed is on the shirt. Then use it to wash it, with soap and detergent.
  • Next, use the dyer of your washing machine to dry the shirt. Ensure that you use the highest temperature you can afford without ruining it. Don’t take it out of the dryer for sometime.
  • When you take it out of the dryer, check to see if it is small enough. If not, use the same method to wash it again.
  • Now iron it out till it becomes completely dry.
  • Your over- sized shirt is now ready for you to wear!