Let us say you are a designer and your business is slowly but surely blossoming. You are ready to go to the next level. It is very important to find a manufacturer that will not only offer good service but also results that you can rely on. Here are some important tips on how to source your manufacturer.


The best set up is for you to be able to commute or walk towards the factory or warehouse. That is the ideal setup. However, for the most part, it is not the right setup. Keep looking locally. Unless you have exhausted all the possible options, then consider having it outsourced somewhere thousands of miles across the world. The reason is really obvious. These are your goods and you want to be able to supervise the creative and technical process. However, there are numerous companies that work very well with outsourced manufacturers but for the most part, these are for mass lines and not for more specialized projects and so most specialized ones require in house attention. However, you can also outsource a fabric to design and create the proper fabric that could not have been done on the studio.

Techniques and technologies

It is very important that you check the specialization of the manufacturer. What particular methods can they do? Do they offer services for special kinds of silk treatments? Do they offer a wide range of jeans dying and washing options? The cost for a foreign made product can be expensive due to taxes and shipping costs but if it is important for your work, then it has to be done. Look at the budget and see if it is within your reach. If not, you might want to ask the manufacturer about adjustments to the price.


It is always important to consider quality more than anything else. A well made product can be elevated to a higher price point. It should not have any signs of flaws and the whole piece must be made according to the right specification and sizes. Aside from that, the manufacturer should have high regards to delivery promptness. It may be good quality but late products can be detrimental to the business. Lastly, they should be consistent and reliable. That is the true character of a manufacturer that offers good quality.