A few months ago my Dad bought me a Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet so I could draw better on my computer. Drawing with a mouse is really hard.

I’m 11 years old and like to draw all sorts of stuff, but my favourite are manga and anime with Naruto and Appleseed manga been the coolest (but i haven’t seen the Appleseed Manga Film) and with the graphics tablet I’ve got a lot better at drawing.

I have been having problems with drawing realistic pictures like you see in the manga comics like Bleach Manga and one day would like to make my own online manga comic or even a cartoon so I really want to learn how to draw manga fighting well.

I tried drawing manga pictures with my graphics tablet without looking at manga tutorials or books and that was difficult so i started getting some how to draw manga books and other how to draw cartoon books from the local library but they had a shortage of things i wanted and it was hard to find the right manga books to learn from.

Some of my favourite manga comic books

Manga Chibi Punk Guitarist

Naruto Manga
Appleseed Manga
Pokemon Manga
Bleach Manga
Love Hina Manga
Chobits Manga
Sailor Moon Manga

I read a lot of manga comics at Manga Fox which is a hot place for free manga comics.

I want to learn to draw all these types of manga comics and then make my own manga comic, but the library how to draw manga books didn’t cover all of them. I have a lot of manga sketches that didn’t turn out right :(

So my Dad bought me a 1,000 page book called Learn to Draw Manga and after using it for a short while I think it’s a the best Japanese Manga tutorial ebook ever.

I’ve always had problems with drawing fighting stances and fight scenes like you see in the yu gi oh manga series and the book has helped me a lot, there’s a LOT of help with that type of drawing.

This ebook helped me on how to draw manga eyes and better faces, I want to learn how to draw manga tentacles next.

Manga Ninja Chibi

I am impressed that this ebook has 1000 pages and I was spoilt for choice on what to learn to draw next, I still have a lot to learn.

I’m not interested in drawing manga girls but still i try.

I’d like to see some online manga comics, Like a vampire knight manga comic book and more on the Chobbits manga, and love hina manga series (because that is very funny).

Most of my sources of learning are manga art galleries on which I browse for hours, and spend a lot of time at Manga Fox but now I look at this ebook.