Gamma outsmarted the rest of us again. We were all at home, in our home office, standing around the PC looking at the website of a local reality show and, big mistake, ignoring Gamma.
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She is a quick learner, and knows to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. After a couple minutes, it occurred to us that it was very quiet in the office, and then that the door was closed, and Gamma was no longer in the room.

I went to open the door and check on her, but the door was locked from the outside. Peeping through the keyhole, around the key still stuck there, I could make out Gamma perched on a chair in the hallway, waiting patiently for us to notice our predicament. Three years and four months old, and she had us begging.

The door opens into the office, so it wouldn’t have been possible to kick it open. To get out I would have had to climb out onto the roof and jump down 10 or 12 feet from the edge of the roof and so on. She sure had our undivided attention. After sufficient wheedling, she came to the door and started fiddling with the key.

Big question in my mind at that moment: would she pull the key out of the lock and be unable to get it back in? Would she go into the kitchen and turn on the stove? Or play with the carving knives she so covets? Or re-wire some electrical outlets?

There is no sweeter sound than tumblers kicking over in a lock that has been confining you.