Comment on More on A Young Earth by William.

I get to have a final bit of fun:

1. The Bible is inerrant (in its spiritual authority) and Genesis is (a mix of) history (and allegory, and analogy and anagoge).

2.There was a real worldwide (but possibly localized) Flood (just as the Jews were selected out of all humanity, so might have been the flooded area), and it occur(r)ed after the Fall (as opposed to before the Fall?);

3. Seems reasonable

4. Yep.

5. Follows from 4

6. Humani Generis leaves room to speculate, but he had to birth her somehow. And probably from his right side. Left-handers are much less common – i.e. mutants.

7. Right again

8. Yeah, but did the lion lie down with the lamb?

9. Got me there.

10.The world was created for man (under God, with liberty and justice for all, and it might have taken a very long time, the end so there).