Neanderthal: (driving along) “You-make-me-feel—so-emotional…”

Homo sapiens sapiens: (Vocally rolling eyes) “Dad, you’re singing.”

Neanderthal: “Huh? Singing? Doh, me no sing.”

Homo sapiens sapiens: “I’m trying to hear my CD.”

Neanderthal: (Grabbing CD box from daughter, who has been studying liner notes with the intensity of a biblical scholar with a new Dead Sea scroll fragment) “What her name, anyway? How spell? Christina-Aguilera. Mmm.”

Homo sapiens sapiens: (Retrieving CD cover) “You’re going to write about this on your website, aren’t you? On your ‘blog’.”

Neanderthal: “Whoa d00d, no way. Me not joke about you on blog. You have low opinion of dad, whoa. Me not believe this.”

Homo sapiens sapiens: “And you’re wearing dorky sunglasses.”