Donkey Kong has advanced through the years, from the platform monkey in the arcade to the Handsome 3D Ape on the tv screen at home. Nintendo has sold thousands of Donkey Kong games since it was put for Nintendo, it’s a famous game Nationwide.

The cheeky Ape seems perfect… Right but Donkey Kong has his UP and down sides of the game.

:) GOOD :)

Donkey Kong Junglebeat
The brilliant idea of instead of a controller, you use DK Bongos to move Donkey Kong around. it’s impressive come to think of it instead of sitting like a coach potato and tapping round buttons, you sit like a coach potato banging round bongos, gaining more exercise then you ever thought possible on a console. It’s a clever sound sensitive receiver that makes Donkey Kong clap, it’s Monkey see Monkey do (Except he’s a Ape) these bits of technology make Daily playing a lot more fun.

:( BAD :(

Sometimes the game CAN crash and jump, but not many glitches are present in the game this has only happened to me 3 times out of about 10. it’s a rare bug.

This is a movie of a final boss fight.

Belac Wal
age 10