The art of playing a piano is a frustration for many.

Who knew that creating such sweet sweet sounds can be very tricky?

The art of playing the piano is one that involves dedication and conviction plus training.

Before you could even become a pro, you need to acquire the attitude that made them professionals in the first place.

Here are some great tips to help you by:

Piano Skills

To begin with, lightly hit the keys of the piano and try to soften and lighten up your touch.

If your fingers are too stiff, playing a piano can be very difficult.

If your fingers and hands are relaxed, it is easier to get it going to the right keys.


Start playing something that you understand.

The pianist should be able to recognize the sounds and feel confident and comfortable playing it.

If you want to master a song, the best way to learn it is to study before you head to bed.

The great advantage of playing a piano piece before bed is that it can still be fresh by the time you wake up.

Start with very common songs or tunes. Once you get the hang of the simple ones, you can get started by taking on more complicated songs and do them stanza by stanza in order to get the best results.

Follow the rhythm

Always try to play the song in the right rhythm no matter how long or short your piece is.

Do not just settle with the chords. Try to play the song the way that it should be played on the piano.

Do not stick too much on the melody.

Aim to achieve skill in playing it as you would want to hear it.

Placing the fingers

There is a so-called orthodox method for playing a piano.

First 3 notes are played on the thumb, then the middle finger, and then thumb again and then it goes back to the scale with the pinky on the right hand. The middle finger to play the next low note.

For the regular music, you can simply lift your hands and place them to where the next note should be played.