A great 3d shoot em up game full of cool weapons, arenas and characters this game is another great hit from id. Quake 3 can be played as a single player or multi player either way you must fight to win or be a coward and just quit the game. :)

what i think

Bad :(

On some maps of Quake 3 some people have found places to hide which isn’t fun for you and other players.


Also some people have searched up cheats off of the internet than used them on the game and haven’t been kicked off for example a online player called King Of Cheats this person had quad damage and invisibility all though the map.


Good :)

Perfect graphics lots of violence which is great for a for a shoot em up.

The sounds of Quake 3 is great and they have made a real effort in making the sounds realistic as you shoot each other. :P