Is this finally the last straw?

Are EWTN and the History Channel really worth risking the slightest exposure of your children to such images as you accidentally hit Fox News on the remote?

Maybe you agree with aMr. Aaron Wolf, who says it is long past time to smash your television sets.

Television Hell

“There is an invader in your home, and it sits like a god in your living room, in the place of the family hearth.

It may hurt your vision, cause brain cells to die, and even keep you from reading a good book.

But the worse thing about it is that it is an ambassador for the Culture of Death, a ‘big, bright, green pleasure machine’ whose goal is to introduce you and keep you attached to the world which hated Christ and against which Judgment is coming.

It is impossible to shield yourself or your children from all evil (since we are born with Original Sin) but that does not mean that we should leave a 26-inch window into Hell open in the living room …”