Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, aside from being popular brands, what makes these 3 notable fashion brands common?

Haute couture.

Paris is the home of haute couture with the lovely handmade fashions created from the most impeccable and expensive materials by the most skilled artisans in custom made clothing.

From basic blouses, skirts, suits to gowns, no expense is spared for haute couture.

If you are an average sewer and you just want to exude that fine handiwork, how do you do it?

Start with the basics

Handmade Clothing

Learn the art of hand sewing.

It takes some time to really get into the mood of sewing perfect whip stitches, back stitches and notorious hems with precision.

Nonetheless, by reading books and understanding the different hand sewing techniques, you will learn the tricks of custom made clothing by hand.

Learn how to create patterns

No, you do not use those simplicity patterns to make life easier.

You have to learn from scratch how to create a basic bodice and work your way through darts.

Do not worry about mistakes and going unconventional.

Artisans are known to create weird darts and unique patterns and sometimes, they even have to handle people who are asymmetrical.

Have a keen eye for detail

It is all about perfection and the art of making things fine and refined. Do not settle on this is good enough.

Chances are, if you do not like it, nor will the client be appreciative of your effort. From the selection of materials to the kind of haberdashery on the final dress, do not make any haphazard decisions.

Be creative

If you are going to create complex handmade clothing for women, be sure to take your imagination with you.

What sets a regular sewer from a true artisan is the imagination of creating diverse and incredible patterns and understanding how it will flow, drop, float or even stay on the body.

Start with simple designs

Create a nice handmade children clothing.

That is a good way to get started. Look for nice lace material and choose the right style and fit to create an impeccable Sunday dress for a little girl or a nice suit for a young boy.