The hulk is an large green fighting machine who is afraid of nothing this means that when you play the game its extreme fun for the entire family even though this game isn’t an two player many players have yet enjoyed them selves

Hulk PS2 Game

Sadly you can’t stay as the hulk forever so you also known as Bruce Banner goes around cracking codes, puzzles and sneaking around in military bases even though you have an large monster full of rage in side you doesn’t mean you are mighty power full as Bruce Banner in fact he’s quite an wimp.

Hulk as Bruce Banner

After playing the game we have found bad things about the game and good things about it.


1 . the graphics are great and when you smash an wall you can see the marks of hulks large fist.

2. The hulk can pick up many items and things such as pipes, marines, bits of wall, cars and radial active cans which explode when thrown.

3. The noises are super and when you through marines off buildings they scream also when you grab them they make choking noises.


1. We believe that the code cracking and puzzle fixing isn’t important

2. Also when you become the hulk it becomes to get repetitive.

Ranking: 4/5 for the complete destruction

Hulk Punching Soldiers