A sad article (now deleted):

“Part of the problem seems to be that, in plain terms, boys aren’t being allowed to be boys. So what has begun to surface in pop culture is a masculinity reclamation project, a defense and validation of beleaguered boys and men. In much the same way that specialized television programs, movies and publications evolved over the years to cater to women, a whole new breed of guys-only offerings are cropping up. Much of the new go-guy fare gleefully plays to the lowest common denominators — the beer-guzzling, belching, T&A sort of entertainment generally associated with the average bachelor party.”

Today’s young men — in the absence of masculine fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, and without any religious foundation for masculinity — have no clue about what it means to be men, and they are turning to popular culture for answers. It is worth repeating that our society has only two choices in the long run: Christian Partriarchy or Barbarian Patriarchy. What is emerging today from the ashes of feminism is the New Masculinity, the kind that sees Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger as defenders of order against the lawless male punks who rule the schools and the streets. The civilized masculine ideal of the Gentleman has been replaced by the raw power and vulgarity of the Terminator.