Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning game is really awesome, best game I ever played.

I’ve been playing Warhammer Online with my Dad and older bro since we got it to play together. I’ve played World of Warcraft on my Dads account, with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning he’s bought me my own account as well, which is cool coz we can play at the same time now and I can have my own characters to level.

WAR Online is MUCH better than World of Warcraft coz it’s PVP action all the time, the Realm vs Realm fighting is awesome. I can log on for an hour with my Dad and bro and we can find some realm vs realm action easy.

Dad bought a WAR 1-40 leveling guide and I’ve been using it to quickly level my Destruction character.

Leveling Guide Review

The leveling guide is real detailed so I haven’t get lost doing long quests. I’m not as fast leveling as my Dad, but I’m faster than my bro and he is 5 years older than me. LOL, he’s a newb at fast leveling.

I’m at level 32 so far, my Dad is already level 40 my bro is level 29 and has played more hours at Warhammer than me. I used the guide from level 18 and my Dad from level 20 I think, don’t know what my bro leveled from.

I level a lot faster with the guide than without so my review is it’s a good leveling guide :)

You can buy the guide at this leveling guide site and I get some money if you buy it from this link. If I get enough money I’m buying a Cintiq 12WX graphics tablet that is a graphic tablet where you draw on the screen, they look really cool. I have a Intuos3 now which you see the picture on the computer screen. I draw Manga pictures with it. My dream is to become a professional artist like the ones that have have made Warhammer :D .