Comment on Why I Believe In A Young Earth by AZFlyfisher.

You are the author of this book and promote it by posting about it on different forums and discussion groups. I read some of the reviews:

“Quite amusing this could actually be written with a serious, literal intent. Perhaps worth a look if you’re interested in a laugh at the expense of morons peddling and buying into this nonsense.”

“I wonder if this is for real.”

“If only you spent more time on your book perhaps the main argument, the “scientific” case for god, would not have been so vacuous?”

“I am sure it is illuminating for all that, it’s good to get your b.s. out there. What else is going to balance the truth but a pack of lies?”

“I wonder if the author was reviewing their own book? very tinfoil, as you say.”

“Sounds like the typical anti-scientific conspiracy bs that touts “evidence” by horrifically twisting any data, and misunderstanding science in general.”

I would thank you for my best morning laugh in a long time, but I blew coffee out my nose and I think I just peed a little. Time to go clean up.