Comment on Why I Believe In A Young Earth by Wiseman.

Bill — Thanks for the reply.

With respect to point #2, it appears that we agree about the possibility of time being “nothing” on God’s watch. I suggest that time may also be insignifcant on man’s watch: that is, what looks to some of us like billions of years may have taken place in an instant.

With respect to point #3, you were right to challenge me as my wording was very careless. I have rewritten it with less presumption on my part.

Point #4: I don’t keep up with the science, but I’m always glad to learn that science is discovering what we already know from revelation.

Point #5: We are very far apart on this one. I don’t think anyone needs to know exactly when the laws of nature have been altered or suspended in history. We know that they did not exist at the Creation, and it is likely that they were somehow changed during the Flood. It is also probable that what we call “nature” was quite different before the Fall. The closer science gets to origins, the less it can rely upon the empirical observations of the last century. More later if time allows …