Comment on Why I Believe In A Young Earth by zuma.

The ultimate stage for both Steady Stage Theory and Big Bang Theory, has found problem for the query about how both system could develop into a stage of universe with orderly manner in which the earth would revolve around the sun within its galaxy instead of flying all around the universe. For instance, if the universe would allow itself to be generated itself through Steady Stage Theory or Big Bang Theory, this universe might not be developed into perfect galaxies in which planets would rotate themselves within its galaxy. Besides, the earth might well be formed many million miles far away from sun so much so that the earth would not receive sunlight and would turn up to face the consequence of having 24 hours of night so much so that many plants could not survive without sunlight. As the earth has been formed not very far away or very near from sun, it seems to be that something should have the potentiality to control it to be formed in the right position that it could receive sufficient sunlight for plants to grow or be generated. Religious people call it, God.