Comment on Why I Believe In A Young Earth by William.

You manage to respond to the points without answering my questions. “May be,” “may have”, “don’t need to know exactly”, “likely”, “probable.” Don’t you see these are leaps of faith?

And if you don’t keep up with the science, how do expect to challenge it?

Your final question I don’t understand. I can only say that in nature, things seem to acquire form over time (and then lose it) whether we’re talking about people or solar systems. That man came into being in a state of relative maturity compared to other things is, again, an article of faith that you and I share. I’m not going to convince others of this truth by denying the obvious. I don’t believe God put all this evidence before us in an attempt at trickery. As Einstein said, He is subtle but not malicious.

I can see that something in you is deeply wedded to your postion, and I will always value your “fundamentalism” over the atheist’s materialism, for your philosophy will not send people to concentration camps, abort them in the womb, clone their likenesses for research, or try to kill them when they’re old. But I’d also like you to see that such a marriage is not one necessary to defending the Faith’s doctrinal children. Let’s look for miracles where they are necessary or, as I said, they become less remarkable.

I also wrote something related to this from which, if you haven’t read it, you might get some enjoyment. You may find that you are able to go after the enemy on philosophical grounds rather than grounds purely scientific.