Comment on Why I Believe In A Young Earth by Ed West.

I have been visiting various Christian forums on the internet. It is obvious that there are a lot of people that want to convince Christians evolution is a fact. These people are willing to go into great detail to explain scientific terminology and I think I’ve gotten the equivalent of one free college level course on evolution. Why the effort? It does not appear to be benevolent.

If any questions are raised, those same people begin to attack their questioners. They accuse them of being anti-science, irrational, willfully ignorant, believers of a myth, and then, the Holy Bble is attacked directly. A correlation is also made designed to shame people and to make them think that if they live in a community that does not believe in evolution, something bad will happen and they will become a laughingstock. I know of no evidence that even suggests moving from a small town to a large city will automatically raise your IQ, but the opposite is suggested all the time. Living in a small town = small minded. This is very sad.

Polystrate fossils of trees that pass through multiple layers of rock. Somehow, the coelacanth survived a past environment that was supposedly different than what we have now. Scientists have recently discovered bones indicating more modern dinosaurs coexisted with their ancestors. And an early creature that lived in trees that was supposedly man’s ancestor is now found living in the same time period of the more modern dinosaurs. This time compression suggests to me that the dating is way off.

Assuming anything, absolutely anything about Genesis must conform to the earth is billions of years old idea. Any other tought is ridiculed. Looking at genesis as history, God, being God, has the power to create a ready to use earth and a fully formed man instantly. Look at the miracles of Jesus Christ. He raised the dead instantly, restored sight instantly, changed water to wine instantly and calmed the wind with a word. I think God is not beyond creating a planet in a 24 hour day. And the interesting thing about making a comment like that, is the instant, knee jerk reaction of those opposed. “How dare you limit God like that?” Who’s limiting God? I’m looking at the power exhibited by Jesus Christ on earth.