Update: I’ve been very busy leveling my toons to after updating to the latest World of Warcraft expansion, there’s some awesome new content for us WOW addicts :)

The Gold Guide I Use was updated to include new gold farming tips and I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and some are very good.

Good news is the guide was updated really fast.

End of update

World of Warcraft Gold Guide

WOW Gold Guide Review

This is the third World of Warcraft gold guide I’ve used, but the first I’ve reviewed, it’s definitely in my top 3 of gold guide ebooks, LOL just kidding :-)

I’ve been using gold farming tips and tricks found within the covers of the World Of Warcraft Gold guide for over 6 month now and I’m making plenty of gold, I’ve never ever considered resorting to buying WOW gold, I actually consider people who buy WOW gold bad for the game because it promotes the gold for sale trade SPAM! Cheapest WOW gold, is gold you earned yourself while PLAYING the great game of World of Warcraft.

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World Of Warcraft Gold Secrets comes with the following claims

100% Legal and Totally Hack-Free!
Free Updates!
Current Techniques for Latest Expansion!
This is NOT a Membership Site (no monthly fees!)
Secrets for Horde and Alliance of all Levels!

What I particularly like about the Gold Guide is it is updated on a regular basis. I started using his guide before 2.4 and the update was within a week, so I wasn’t left twiddling my thumbs waiting for new gold making tips too long.

I’ve followed a lot of the gold guide tips, the WOW gold farming techniques results in far more gold per hour than if you randomly farmed for gold hoping you stumbled on a WOW gold mine by chance :-))

All the World of Warcraft gold guides I’ve looked at (tried 3, but researched many more gold guides) state things like you can make up to 200 gold per hour without having to use illegal cheats or hacks and I have to admit I have been able to make over 200 gold some hours.

I’d estimate I make on average 130-150 gold an hour ONLY following techniques described in the World Of Warcraft Gold guide without too much difficulty.

I admit I’m a World of Warcraft addict (completely addicted and proud of it) and have leveled 40+ character (and counting).

I really enjoy the solo part of WOW as much as the raiding and PVP (not a big fan of the arena, but I love battlegrounds, especially raiding towns on PVP servers).

I find it a challenge to beat my previous WOW leveling times through using tips from leveling guides (I’ve bought them as well) and what I’ve learnt over leveling so many WOW characters. This review isn’t about leveling, it’s about gold, so won’t go into that, (though if your looking for a great WOW leveling guide WOW Leveling Guide) but as someone with so many WOW characters I needed a LOT of gold to make playing them all fun and this WOW gold guide is helping a lot.

Hope you found this review of useful.

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