I’ve been playing the World of Warcraft online game since it’s first release in Europe and I’ve leveled a new fully level WOW characters without using a single leveling bot or other software cheat/hack roughly three a fortnight.

I power level WOW Alliance characters and WOW Horde characters for two reasons.

1. I love playing WOW (especially the Alliance faction, I level Horde just to sell the toons).

2. I sell fully leveled toons and make enough money from this so I don’t have to get a real job (it’s my main income :))

As you can imagine since eating depends on fast WOW leveling when a new guide is released I buy it. Which brings me to the Alliance Leveling Guide which covers the the most recent World of Warcraft expansions.

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World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide Features

The WOW Alliance leveling guide includes an in game map mod which allows the following of their Alliance power leveling guide without having to tab out to a html/PDF guide every quest (older Alliance guides are PDF or HTML based).

I used to use Joana’s and Team iDemises leveling guides, but they are no longer updated: seams to be a dying business creating WOW leveling guides.

Their leveling speed (using their guide) is reported to be one of if not the fastest leveling times for an Alliance character: I’ve tried LOADS of WoW leveling guides and in speed terms the top Alliance guide players there’s little between them in speed terms if you don’t take the time tabbing in and out into account (I no longer need to tab as remember the quest routes, so use a leveling guide).

So unless your planning on entering some form of World of Warcraft speed leveling competition or something I wouldn’t choose a WOW Alliance leveling guide solely on speed of leveling (that said the speed is fast anyway, so bit of a mute point :)).

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